Solar Panels

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Brand: Lalizas
Solar Panel, Monocrystalline State of the art technology in cell manufacturing and encapsulation results in maximum reliability coupled with minimum maintenance High resistance to water, abrasion, hail impact and other environmental factors Anodized aluminum alloy...
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  Lalizas Solar Charge Controller 12/24V Solar Charge Controller 12/24V Technical Specifications - Type of Charging: 4 stages PWM charging (Bulk äóñ PWM äóñ Boost äóñ Float) - Rated Solar Input: 10A - Rated Load: 10A - Regulation Voltage: 14.4V - Load Disconnect: 11.08V - Load...
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The Spectralite 10W semi-flexible solar panel is ideal for maintaining and replacing natural discharge in deep cycle 12V batteries for leisure applications. Popular with marine users, Spectra solar panels offer durability, reliability and excellent value. If you have a boat or...
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