Electric Trolling Motors

14.47 (17.80 inc tax)  
For wiring where a plug and socket cannot be used. Heavy-duty 10-gauge connectors

38.32 (47.13 inc tax)  
Universal design for 2- or 3-wire configurations on 12, 24 or 36-volt systems. Watertight sealing cap and corrosion-resistant electrical components. Requires standard 1-1/8" diameter mounting hole. (MKR 18A Adapter sold separately).

20.43 (25.13 inc tax)  
Allows for 6-gauge wire connection when using the MKR-18 Trolling Motor Plug & Receptacle. (MKR-18 Trolling Motor Plug & Receptacle sold separately)

59.51 (73.20 inc tax)  
Protects boat trolling motor wiring from electrical damage. Features a 60 amp rating with manual reset. Fully waterproof. Compatible with all 12-, 24- and 36-volt systems.

24.70 (30.38 inc tax)  
Heavy-duty trolling motor connector has a positive snap-lock design for 6- to 12-gauge wire. The kit includes two plug halves, four contacts and four solder plugs for securing wire leads into contacts (wire not included)....

42.00 (51.66 inc tax)  
Use this 15' extension cable when your standard charger cables don't reach the bows, center or transom compartments. The cable features WAGO® Wall-nut™ quick connectors (UL listed), and fused (30amp) positive and negative leads.

172.50 (212.18 inc tax)  
Electric Outboard HE50703-090 Voltage: DC 12V Thrust: 55lbs / 25kg Propeller: 3-blade, 9.3" diameter (23.6cm) Full throttle operating range: 1250rpm Power max: 660W Ampere: 55A Weight: 8.2kg Decibel: 50db