Boat Buddy Boat Care Products

19.31 (23.75 inc tax)  
Brand: Boat Buddy
Concentrated Boat Wash for all surfaces (Previously Marine Surface Wash) Removes black streaks, grease, oil, algae, soot, fuel spillage and dirt and surface staining from all surfaces. Strips off all old wax polish. Highly concentrated 50:1= 1 litre of product makes up to 50 litres of...
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24.19 (29.75 inc tax)  
Brand: Boat Buddy
Premium Boat Wax" (Previously Marine Surface Protector) Using the latest nano technology, seals & protects surfaces against further staining and weather damage. Contains "Montan" for a superior finish than conventional waxing, no back breaking muscle aching buffing. Lasts up to 5 times...
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25.81 (31.75 inc tax)  
Brand: Boat Buddy
"Premium Boat Polish with Wax" (Previously Marine Surface Renovator) Using the latest nano technology, helps restore colour, gloss and lustre to dull faded fibreglass and painted surfaces. Removes light/medium oxidisation Contains "Montan" for a superior finish, sealing and protecting...
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17.64 (21.70 inc tax)  
Brand: Boat Buddy
"Boat Wash with Wax" Concentrated general Boat Wash containing liquid wax (Previously Marine Wash and Sealer) Cleans and protects between full valets. PH neutral. Non streaking formula Contains liquid waxing agent to protect the surface Repels water and dirt effortlessly Will...
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18.58 (22.85 inc tax)  
Brand: Boat Buddy
"Interior Cleaner and Deodouriser" Concentrated Citrus Cleaner for all interior use (Previously Bilge Cleaner and Deodouriser) Breaks down and dissolves oil, grease, diesel and dirt and grime in bilges. Cleans engine bays, lockers, galleys and heads and all interior surfaces. Deodourises...
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Brand: Boat Buddy
Boat Buddy Marine Sail and Cover Cleaner Sail and Cover Cleaner. A gentle but efficient detergent based fabric cleaner formulated for use on all fabric materials including sails, canvas and vinyl covers and seating. Removes algae, soot, oil, grease and general staining on sails and...
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23.54 (28.95 inc tax)  
Brand: Boat Buddy
Grunt boat cleaner is specifically formulated to remove those “hard to shift” stains from fibreglass boats that we all know so well, those ugly yellow/brown waterline stains, rust staining from metal fittings, exhaust staining, bird lime and many other deeply ingrained stains...
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26.02 (32.00 inc tax)  
Brand: Boat Buddy
Super Stainless™ - “Making Stainless Look Super!" “Super Stainless", stainless steel cleaner and protector, is specifically formulated to quickly and easily neutralise and remove those ugly rust and corrosion stains from all your stainless steel fittings such as rigging...
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Brand: Goldenship
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