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Brand: Sierra
Specialty grease used in the assembly of engine yokes and couplers. Replaces:Mercury 92-81639A4
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Brand: Lubrimatic
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Brand: Lubrimatic
Develops up to 16,000 PSI Delivers 1 oz. per 40 strokes Uses standard 14 oz. cartridge Includes 5-3/8" pipe and coupler Knurled barrel for non-slip grip Removable end cap Baked enamel finish
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Ramonol White Grease - A white grease compatible with Duckhams Keenol(no longer available) and perfect for marine use. It is based on high quality lithium soap grease with titanium dioxide to give best quality water resistance with good adhesion. Ideal for stern glands, seacocks, winches,...
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Ramonol Advanced Marine Grease - A true multi-purpose grease for use in the harshest marine environment. It is a calcium sulphonate based extreme pressure grease with superior water & wear resistance, corrosion inhibition & adhesion.Use on greasers, seacocks, winches, furlers,...
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Brand: Soromap
An lubricates winches and other mechanical parts. It does not solidificated. Allows high temperatures.

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Brand: Starbrite
Star Brite 85504 White PTEF Lubricant 4 oz. Jar. The ultimate lubricant – exceeds performance of normal grease. Features: - Special PTEF formula will not wash off. - Protects from -65F to +650F - Reduces wear and friction. - Non-toxic, non-staining. - Great on zippers,...

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WD-40 Smart Straw 450ml The WD-40 Smart Straw 450ml is perfect multi-purpose tool for use in the garage, garden or home. The clever Integral Smart Straw system means that you will never lose the straw and allows you to control the output of solution. Simply aim the straw down to produce a...
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Fantastic multipurpose product. Can be used to clean and protect, loosen rust, ease sticky mechanism, stop squeaks and dry out moisture. Silicone free. WARNING Extremely flammable. Keep out of reach of children. Always read instructions.
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Holts Bradex Easy Start 300ml Holts bradex easy start. Starts all engines .Suitable for all petrol and diesel engines. Increases combustion to start engines easily Suitable for all engines including; cars, vans, motorbikes, lorries, lawnmowers, tractors, agricultural machinery and industrial...
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Ramonol Advanced White Grease is a high quality calcium sulphonate grease with outstanding anti-wear and waterproof qualities. Ramonol Advanced White Grease is very well established on the market. It's resistance to salt water environments is unparalelled. Ideal for winches and all deck...
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A high quality calcium sulphonate grease with outstanding anti-wear and waterproof qualities. Based on similar calcium sulphonate chemistry to Ramonol Advanced, though incorporating a thicker oil more suited to higher speed bearings and no solids. This...
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Lubricate with Johnson Pump impeller lubricant. Optimize the priming ability at first start or after seasonal storage. Impeller lubricant can be used on any impeller, Neoprene, MC97, and Nitrile.
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