IT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HEARING THE MUSIC AND FEELING IT These efficient, easy-to-install amplifiers work with your compatible Fusion stereo system1 and let you choose from monoblock, multichannel and zone amplifier options. Channels:  For speaker connections, you will usually need one channel per speaker, unless connecting in parallel. For subwoofer connections, you will usually need two channels per subwoofer. Zone Amplifier Design:  Designed specifically to allow you to use the non-powered zones on your compatible Fusion DSP-enabled marine stereo. Keep the music going for longer without...
Options (1):
Channels - 1, 650-watt RMSChannels - 2, Zone AmplifierChannels - 4, 150-watt RMS per ChannelChannels - 6, 150-watt RMS per ChannelChannels - 8, 150-watt RMS per Channel
Brand: Fusion
Options (1): Channels - 1, 650-watt RMS
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