Holding Tanks

62.28 (75.36 inc tax)  
KIT includes: panel with 4-LED signalling device (1/4 - 1/2 - 3/4 - FULL) + 5-light international flange probe preset for 15/55-cm high tanks. The probe sensors will have to be cut depending on the tank height. Length of precabled cable 4M

220.17 (266.41 inc tax)  
Polyethylene tank for waste waters. Complete with macerator pump. Capacity: 56 l.

82.15 (99.40 inc tax)  
Goldenship, PICK YOUR SIZE --40L GS50047
Holding Tank For Waste Water. Made from black polyethylene according with ISO8099 regulations. Complete with one racor of 25-30mm and one racor 90 degree 35-60mm. Can be adapted to all manual and electric pumps.

112.22 (135.79 inc tax)  
Goldenship, PICK YOUR SIZE --130L
Holding Tank for waste water. Manufactured from polyethylene according to ISO8099 regulations. Complete with dead female unions for lateral connectors and inspection covers. Reference Capacity Height Width Length GS50040 50 Ltr 29cm 22-43cm 55cm...

97.90 (118.46 inc tax)  
Universal waste water collection tank For mounting around the toilet unit, fits all existing toilet unit brands Par, Raritan, RM, Groco as well as our models 50.207.25, 50.217.25, 50.207.12, 50.205.12, either manual or electric; for a correct installation with manual or electric...

7.10 (8.59 inc tax)  
Odour Control for Grey Waste Water Wasteguard is an unique new concept which effectively solves an old problem – odours from stored waste water. Waste water contains a variety of bacteria, organic nutrients and many other offensive odours, together with bacteria matrix, which grow...