VHF Connectors

15.33 (18.55 inc tax)  
Watertight for antenna and electionic cables.Accepts single or double cables.

3.68 (4.45 inc tax)  
Male connector for RG58 C/U Coax Cable Nickel Plated

14.00 (16.94 inc tax)  
Glomex PL259 Connector Gold Plated, Solderless for RG58

28.18 (34.10 inc tax)  
Glomex Coaxial Gold Plated feed–thru connector kit Includes: GX-RA105 Coax Deck Fitting PVC Threaded protection ( GX-RA138 ) for the external connector Synthetic rubber threaded protection for PL259 connectors PL259 Twist Gold Plated Connector ( GX-RA132GOLD ) Male...

6.56 (7.94 inc tax)  
High quality nickel plaited PL258 double femail connector for joining lengths of coaxial cable. Simply srew together two PL259 standard VHF connectors.

1.51 (1.83 inc tax)  
Coaxial cables transmit signals to and from the antenna. Poor quality cables will dramatically reduce the efficiency of both antenna and transceivers. All coaxial cables can loose efficiency over time due to humidity. Glomex cables are specifically designed and manufactured for use in the marine...

12.63 (15.28 inc tax)  
Genuine Yaesu adaptor, the CN3 converts the antenna SMA output to the popular BNC type. Suits: HX870E, HX851E, HX751E, HX760E, HX290E, HX280E, HX500E-LI, HX400E, HX370E, HX370SAS, HX300E EAN UPC GTIN: 788026052004

9.66 (11.69 inc tax)  
PL259 Chrome Male Connector for RGB213 GLORA131 -

9.88 (11.95 inc tax)  
pl259 male connector gold for rg58GLORA132GOLD -

11.02 (13.33 inc tax)  
pl258 double female gold for pl259 GLORA133GOLD -

30.14 (36.47 inc tax)  
male bnc connector for rg213GLORA153 -

20.76 (25.12 inc tax)  
male bnc connector for rg213GLORA155 -

10.70 (12.95 inc tax)  
male tnc connector for rg58GLORA156 -

10.70 (12.95 inc tax)  
mini uhf male connector for rg58GLORA157 -

11.66 (14.11 inc tax)  
female n connector to female tnc adapterGLORA159 -

7.78 (9.41 inc tax)  
connector f male to f maleGLORA163 -

9.42 (11.40 inc tax)  
fme female advisor to so239 femaleGLORA351 -

9.72 (11.76 inc tax)  
fme male to pl259 male adapterGLORA352 -

7.68 (9.29 inc tax)  
male to "n" male adapterGLORA354 -

8.74 (10.58 inc tax)  
fme male to bnc male adapterGLORA355 -

8.74 (10.58 inc tax)  
male to female adapterGLORA357 -

6.66 (8.06 inc tax)  
male connector for cable tv-iec 9,5mm

5.84 (7.07 inc tax)  
Gold male f connector for rg6 and rg59

6.04 (7.31 inc tax)  
v9146 - male-female angle connectorGLOV9146 -