Electric Bilge Pumps

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NON AUTOMATIC BILGE PUMP SEAFLO bilge pumps offer water evacuation activated by a panel or float switch. Include Anti-Airlock protection and exclusive moisture tight seals,marine grade blockd wiring.Our larger impeller design and more robust motor allow us to outperform our...

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SEAFLO 02 Series Seaflo Bilge Pump.Like our 01-series, this pump is normally activated by a panel or float switch. However, this custom strainer allows the pump to be mounted to a bulkhead or transom =, as well as normal bilge mounting. One type offers a barbed output, while the other...

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Self priming water pump with self lubricated flexible impeller. Bronze body with stainless steel shaft and ruber lip seal. BILGE PUMP 12V 30LTS MIN Ref: SFSP108000301

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Quality bilge pumps you can trust. SHURflo® bilge pumpsare built for the harsh marine enviroment to withstand the toughest conditions. Water cooled motors for extended life. • Continuous duty • Submersible with 3’ tinned wire assembly • Tough nylon housing • Quick-snap...

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Supersub Family - Narrow, Low profile bilge pump fits deep down in small/awkward bilge spaces where other pumps won't fit. Low narrow design for confined bilge spaces Easy installation - outlet and pump body rotate to suit your installation High performance - Flow up to...

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Rule 360- 5 Gallons/Min - Light, compact submersible pumps for ski boats and small vessels. Tough plastic body with integral strainer and quick release inlet strainer for quick cleaning. 3 years warranty

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28a Rule 1100 Submersible Submersible pump 12 volt DC. Connections: For 28mm (1 1/8") bore hose. Dimensions: 110mm high, 60mm diameter. Fuse Size: 2.5 amp Output: Up to 66 litres/minute (14 gallons/minute). Max recommended discharge head 2m. Compact pump for smaller vessels. Tough plastic body....

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The Rule 02 is a workhorse in terms of the larger submersible bilge pump range from Rule – Ideal for medium sized to large sized craft, both leisure and commercial, the Rule 02 has stood the test of time and is known for its quality and reliability. Add a Rule-A-Matic Float Switch to set...

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These pumps are true powerhouses and can also be used when you are on the move. They can offer 30 mins continous operating when connected to a suitable power unit, a car battery or a solar power system. Silent, vibration-free operation, dry sealed and permanently lubricated, small size, light...