Freshwater Pumps

63.80 (77.20 inc tax)  
The 33-Series is our general-duty on-demand positive displacement pump. It provides reliable performance in high water flow, moderate pressure applications. This 3-chamber diaphragm pump provides up to 3.0 gallons per minute and is capable of self-priming up to 6vertical feet, and can...

100.00 (121.00 inc tax)  
Water system pump. Self priming. Dry running. Soft, noise absorbing mounts. Sap-in port fittings. Corrosion resistant materials. Smooth operation without accumulator tank. Built-in pulsation eliminator.

66.30 (80.22 inc tax)  
The 35-Series is our continuous-duty on-demand positive displacement pump. Quick-Attach fittings allow for easy installation or replacement. It provides reliable performance in moderate water flow, high-pressure applications. This 3-chamber diaphragm pump provides up to 1.8 gallons per...

58.92 (71.29 inc tax)  
The 41-Series pump provides high volume water flow with reduced pump cycling, thanks to the quad chamber diaphragm and internal bypass. These models are designed to run on water systems with no accumulator tank necessary, and up to five outlets. It is also suited for use with a holding...

92.43 (111.84 inc tax)  
New fresh water diaphragm pump from Shurflo, with redesigned 4 chamber head, fully adjustable sealed pressure switch, adjustable bypass and heavy duty sealed motor. Built in check-valve, self primes (up to 6 feet), will run dry without damage. Ignition and thermal protection. . New heavy duty...

116.23 (140.64 inc tax)  
4 chambers fresh water automatic demand pump for multi fixtures applications. Self priming. Built-in check valves. Dimensiones bomba: 210 x 136 x 127 mm. Ref. Caudal/Flow Volts/Amp Presión SH4148-153-E75 15,1 l/m = 4,0 gpm. 12V / 10A 40psi/2,8bar SH4148-163-E75 15,1 l/m = 4,0 gpm. 24V /...

87.02 (105.29 inc tax)  
SHURFLO’s Aquaking Junior 2.0 was created to assure long life and top performance in all plumbing systems. Designed as the next legendary pump to exceed the expectations of our customers, the 4129 series pumps are constructed for smooth flow and no rapid cycling. SHURFLO’s...

151.97 (183.88 inc tax)  
AQUA KING™ II Supreme Fresh Water Pump - 12 VDC - 5.0 GPMSHURFLO's AQUA KING II fresh water pump is designed for boats with multi-fixtures providing "Just like home" shower pressure, and can operate at lower flow conditions with low cycling. A built in mechanical bypass function enables...

146.08 (176.76 inc tax)  
Self-priming automatic electric pumps with helical PTFE gears, integrated check valve and electronic control. Nickel-plated brass body and stainless steel shaft. Main applications: fresh water pressure systems and shower kits on boats, rubber dinghies, sailing boats and campers

36.77 (44.49 inc tax)  
50mesh stainless steel screen. SH254-26

18.23 (22.06 inc tax)  
For use in water tanks of small boats. Hose connection: 11 mm. Flow: 7,5 l/m Amp: 12V / 2A 102 x 40 mm

15.39 (18.62 inc tax)  
These pumps are true powerhouses and can also be used when you are on the move. They can offer 30 mins continous operating when connected to a suitable power unit, a car battery or a solar power system. Silent, vibration-free operation, dry sealed and permanently lubricated, small size, light...

49.99 (60.49 inc tax)  
Whale Gusher Galley Pump (foot operated) Simple foot operated solutions for pumping water in the galley. Whale's manual galley pumps are truly design classics. Since the 1960s these manual pumps have been designed, refined and manufactured by our skilled UK based workforce. The...